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CoronaVirus COVID-19 Update - We are open for business

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 19 Mar 2020
At American Price Mark Supplies, the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers is always our priority, and we recognize the important role we play in providing customers with labeling solutions during this critical time. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and taking steps to help keep our communities safe. We wanted to share with you some steps we are taking.

Aligning with public health authorities

We are closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

Protecting our employees and customers

As our employees interact with customers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit exposure to the virus. We have put restrictions on travel, postponed large-scale events, limited the size of meetings, provided remote-work solutions, and continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment – from customer homes and businesses to our stores and offices, where we have ramped up deep-cleaning.  Additionally, we have protocols in place that activate closures, disinfection and appropriate quarantine procedures based on recommendations by government and health agencies.

Assisting our employees

We are in continuous communication with our employees reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed. Employees who feel ill have been told to not report to work and we have specific quarantine and communication procedures in place should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19 or is asked to self-isolate by a public health authority, and to provide comprehensive benefits to support them.

Our commitment to our customers

The role our labeling solutions play within the market place is incredibly important in times like these.  We have been in constant communication with our production facilities and have put plans in place to keep workers at a safe distance and to ensure that our products are still readily available to all consumers large or small.

Currently, there are no disruptions in our supply chain and we are here standing by ready to help you with any labeling solutions you may need.

What we ask of you

We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety and health of our communities, but we need your help. Please be patient during these difficult times, I am sure there may be some delays in the shipping industry and other unforeseen issues. Rest assured we are here to work through any of those issues and ensure you receive the labeling solutions you need in a timely manner.

If you're having difficulties locating the products that you need at don’t hesitate to call 800-537-5310 or email for a prompt response. We are standing by ready

As always, thank you for being a customer and for your continued trust as we manage through this time together.

Rob Puzio
Owner, American Price Mark Supplies Inc
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