What are PLU Label Stickers?

PLU label stickers are small, adhesive labels that are typically found on produce items in grocery stores. PLU stands for "Price Look Up," and the stickers are used to identify the type of produce and its price. PLU label stickers usually have a four or five-digit number printed on them, which helps the cashier to look up the correct price at the checkout.

PLU label stickers may also include additional information, such as the country of origin, whether the produce is organic or conventionally grown, and whether it has been genetically modified. This additional information is useful for consumers who are interested in making informed purchasing decisions.

PLU label stickers are usually made from paper or plastic and are designed to be easily removable. They are often placed on the produce by the grower or distributor, but may also be added by the retailer. PLU label stickers are an important tool for grocery stores to manage inventory and pricing, and for consumers to make informed decisions about the produce they purchase.

It's worth noting that PLU label stickers are not the same as barcode stickers. Barcode stickers are used for inventory management and are typically found on packaged products, whereas PLU label stickers are used for pricing and identification purposes on individual produce items.