Custom Pharmaceutical Labels


Custom Pharmaceutical Labels: Your Brand, Our Expertise

At American Price Mark, we specialize in creating custom pharmaceutical labels that meet the unique needs of your products and comply with regulatory standards. Here’s how we can help:

  • Tailored Product Branding: We design labels that prominently feature your product name and branding.
  • Clear Usage Instructions: Our labels include easy-to-understand dosage and use instructions, ensuring patient safety.
  • Detailed Drug Information: We provide comprehensive drug facts, including active and inactive ingredients, and potential side effects.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Our labels are crafted to comply with FDA regulations, including approved patient labeling.
  • Safety Updates: We stay abreast of safety updates to ensure your labels always reflect the most current information.

Our Services for Prescription Drug Labeling

  1. Prescribing Information: We ensure that the essential scientific information is presented clearly for healthcare professionals.
  2. Patient-Centric Labeling: We produce Medication Guides, Patient Package Inserts, and Instructions for Use that are patient-friendly.
  3. Packaging Excellence: Our carton and container labeling is designed for maximum impact and quick reference.

Commitment to Compliance

  • FDA Standards: Our labels are guaranteed to meet FDA approval standards.
  • Continuous Updates: We monitor and update safety information as required.

Resources and Support

  • FDA Label Search Assistance: We help you navigate the FDA label search for the latest drug information.
  • DailyMed Database Access: We provide access to a vast database of labeling documents for reference.

At American Price Mark, we understand the importance of accurate and up-to-date pharmaceutical labels. Partner with us for custom label solutions that ensure clarity, compliance, and quality for your brand.

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