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Safety Film and Strap Cutter



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The APM Safe Cutter works great for a variety of applications.

Use it in the warehouse to remove stretch wrap and break down packaging
Keeps fingers safe with its recessed blade
Use it at the store or office to cut off box tops or open mailers

Protects contents of packaging with its shielded cutting area
• Use it in the kitchen to open food products. It's dishwasher safe!

At home. APM Safe Cutter works great for opening plastic "clamshell" packaging!
The APM Safe Cutter is recyclable or disposable!

No doubt, safety should be taken with high importance in the workplace. In the workplace, employees are the biggest asset and necessary precautions need to be taken to guarantee their safety. And one of the precautions or safety measures to take is having the right tools at your disposal. When an employee is injured, his/her productivity will suffer and you don't want this for your business. Fortunately, workplace injuries can be prevented by using the right safety cutter - safety film and strap cutter. Safety film and strap cutter have an endless list of usage benefits. Safety film and strap cutter are designed to make cuttings safer and easier as well as improving efficiency and safety.

Safety film and strap cutter are used in the workplace to dismember packaging and remove stretch wrap. Also, safety film and strap cutter are used to open mailers and cut boxes in the office. More importantly, safety film and strap cutter come with a recessed blade that helps to keep the operator's fingers safe. Furthermore, safety film and strap cutter have a shield cutting feature that shields packaging and its contents. Safety film and strap cutter can also be used to open food products in the kitchen.

Safety film and strap cutter is a high-quality hand tool designed to cut twine, elastic bands, and also shrink boxes and wrap. These features make safety film and strap cutter a convenient and suitable solution for cutting needs.

Safety film and strap cutter guarantee the safety of your employees, and with the tool, no injury will be recorded. Take safety at your work into your own hands. Get safety film and strap cutter today. If you are unsure which strap cutter is best suited for your needs, do not hesitate to give our customer service representative a call, they will be pleased to assist you with your choice.

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