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Towa Accu Touch Label Applicators



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Towa APN-30 (Formerly Towa APN65-30), Towa APN-60 (Formerly APN65-60) Towa APN-100 (Formerly APN65-100) Label Applicators

The Towa APN Label Applicators are the industry leading hand-held label applicators. With a unique and patented adjustable sensor that detects the edge of each label, it applies your labels with great precision to virtually any surface. Just squeeze the trigger and apply.

Towa applicators use an exclusive label edge detector called "Mech-Sensor system" which automatically detects the leading edge of the label providing complete accuracy in dispensing. Each of three applicators can dispense any type of label and requires no special liner tool, cartridges or cassettes. There are three types of APN applicators depending on width of the labels. APN-30 is easy to handle, APN-60 is the most popular and APN-100 is convenient for wide labels.

Key Points
No feeding holes, slits or eye-marks (black marks) required on release liner
No mechanical adjustment is needed in different sizes of labels
Different size of labels within the specifications can be dispensed and applied by the specific applicator
2-3mm gap between each label is required
Max. 100mm width label can be dispensed and applied. There is no similar tool around.
The Mech-Sensor detects a height of label from 18mm up to 60mm without any adjustment.
You can use labels in roll, printed barcode labels and rewound rolls.


Towa APN Applicator Specifications

Label Size STROKE Label Size WIDTH Max Outer Diameter
Towa AP65-30
(now APN-30)
2-3 mm 18-60 mm 20-30 mm 100 mm
Towa AP65-60
(now APN-60)
2-3 mm 18-60 mm 25-60 mm 100 mm
Towa AP65-100
(now APN-100)
2-3 mm 18-60 mm 55-100 mm 100 mm

Notice: The width of release liner can be applicable +2mm at both sides.

Determining Your Towa APN Applicator Needs
The following specifications offer guidelines to use when selecting the appropriate dispenser for your needs.

30mm 60mm 100mm
Roll Size 88.9mm OD
3 1/2"
88.9mm OD
3 1/2"
88.9mm OD 
3 1/2"
Core Size 25.4mm ID 1" 25.4mm ID 1" 25.4mm ID 1"
Max Label Width 28.575mm
1 1/8"
2 1/4"
3 7/8"
Min Label Width 20mm
Max Label Repeat 63.5mm
2 1/2"
2 1/2"
2 1/2"
Min Label Repeat 6.35mm
Die Cut Only YES YES YES

Notes: OD refers to "Outer Dimension" of the roll, while ID refers to "Inner Dimension" of the core. "Label Repeat" indicates the distance from the beginning of one label to the beginning of the next label.

Media Specifications

It's unnecessary to make a slit or slot on backing paper for feeding of labels.
Labels with less than 50 um thickness is unacceptable for all models.
Some types of labels (films), synthetic paper may not be supported.
Label wound-in is recommended to use.
3" label core adapter can be supplied as an option.
Use only die-cut labels.
A cotton-swab moistened with ALCOHOL, is recommended to wipe adhesive from Mech-Sensor.

Any return requests must be reported within 10 days of receipt

No returns will be accepted without prior authorization

Please call 800-537-5310 to obtain a return authorization number (RA#)


All returns must be in resaleable condition and properly packaged for shipping

Do not mark on the product package

A 20% restocking fee may apply

No returns will be accepted after 25 days

Include a copy of your invoice or packing slip with your RA# inside the package

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