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Best electric battery operated label gun applicator

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 26 Jul 2019

Best electric battery operated label gun applicator

Do you have plu labels or small labels of any kind, that you want to apply fast and reduce your production time? While many businesses use labels of some sort, but do not have a fast reliable solution for applying their labels.

The best solution to apply labels, without having the pesky triggers to pull, is an electric label applicator. While there are only a few different options on the market, I think it's still worth discussing the differences and benefits.

Which electric label applicator is best?

The PLU-1000 offered by, is a top candidate. Other competitors sell the same labeler from anywhere between $950-$1200, but American Price Mark offers it at a much lower price, under $700.

With industry-leading battery life, the Lithium-Ion battery in the PLU-1000 can last 8-10 hours on one charge. The leading competitor for the PLU-1000 has a battery life of just over an hour. Why would you want to change out your battery every hour, how about once a day?

If you are going to use one of the competitor's electric labelers, you will have to buy multiple extra batteries, just to ensure a full days use, which can be expensive. The battery is the most expensive part of the label applicator. Why not buy the PLU-1000 since the battery lasts 8-10 hours on one charge, seems like a no brainer to me.

Best Electric Label applicator Gun
PLU-1000 label applicator

PLU-1000 electric label applicator gun hand held


This electric label applicator is handheld and battery-powered, perfect for PLU labels and small labels of all kinds. Examples of some of the small labels used in the PLU-1000: PLU labels on fruit and vegetable, UPC barcodes, and pallet loads of products. The plu-1000 accepts labels up to 1 ⅛ wide x 2 ½ long on a 1-inch core. 

PLU-1000 has a touch-sensitive roller on the end, to ensure no damage to the fruit or vegetables. Also. there is an LED battery level indicator to ensure proper charge and to make sure you do not run out of battery during production runs.


Machine: Length - 16 1/2 inch, Width - 5 3/4 inch, Height - 3 3/8 inch

Weight: 1 5/8 Lbs including battery

Label Size: Minimum - 5/16 inch x 5/8 inch, Maximum - 1 1/8 inch x 2 1/2 inch

Label Roll Diameter: 4 7/8 inch

Power: 110 Volt / 240 Volt, Output DC 16.8 Volt 2 Amp

Core Size: 1 inch

Link to buy PLU-1000 on

CLICK here to buy the PLU-1000


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