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The Ultimate Buying Guide To Price Gun Labels

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 14 May 2019


We usually don’t think of them much, but boy, are they important. When you put different marketing tools together, labels offer the most economically friendly solution for your business.

Where else can you get important information (read: prices) in front of your customers at the right time, in the right place at such a low cost?

Where else can you get an easy way to sort, organize and manage your items in your firm?

But which labels do you buy? What do you look out when you shop for labels? More importantly, where do you buy labels for all your business needs?

Well, if you’ve been wondering about that, look no further.

We decided to put up this massive guide to label buying to put all your label buying decisions to rest, and once and for all help you to decide what labels work for you, and where to buy these labels for your every need.

Let’s begin!

First, what actually is a label?

A label is a small (or large) piece of plastic material that is attached to an object and gives certain information about that object.

In short, the possibilities here are endless.

Ranging from internal sorting, to logo branding on fruits and vegetables, to setting the prices on grocery stores, there’s just so many things that you can do with labels.

Broadly speaking though, labels can be used for the following use cases in your business.

Why do I need labels in my business?

To generate more awareness for your brand

Labels are a very cost effective way of generating awareness for your brand. For example, think about the different labels that you see on fruits and vegetables.

These labels typically come with a label that has the brand’s logo on them.

Not only does it help products that are seemingly similar from one another stand out, they are cheap to produce and apply, making sure that your brand is that much closer to making an impact on the end consumer.

To generate more sales for your business

Don’t think of labels as simply a sticker that you attach on your products. When done right, labels are a cost effective way of conveying key information to your end customer.

For example, pricing labels that are designed in neat, legible font, or even creatively designed can mean the difference between a purchase or an abandoned cart.

That means most results, at an affordable price for any business.

This is especially true, if your business sells many products that are homogenous - fruits and vegetables fall nicely into this category.

When the consumer is unable to tell the difference of one product from the next, labels are your best front-facing customer service there is.

To better sort your inventory

Every company, especially fast growing ones, will have inventory. A lot of inventory.

When that happens, it can be very tricky and tough to keep track of all these moving parts, especially if you sell these inventory, and have to deal with the constant moving of goods from one place to the next.

What do you think can solve this problem? Well, labels, of course!

Labels are cost-effective, easy to apply and can solve this headache of inventory management once and for all.

Add to a high quality label with good inventory management software, like a barcode printer, and you can quickly generate good quality labels that could potentially save your team hours every single day.

Understanding your label needs

Now that you know what labels are, and how they can potentially help your business, it’s time to take a deeper dive into understanding your own label needs.

We’ll go step by step into finding out what price gun you use, what your goals are, and then finally, find the right type of label to help you achieve your objectives.

What are my business objectives?

To understand which labels suit your needs, we first have to find out what your labelling objectives are.

Once you have answered these questions, it should be quite clear what kind of labels you actually need for your business objectives.

For example, if you already have a price gun of a certain brand, then it’s quite clear that you need labels for that specific brand. Alternatively, if you’re trying to sell more items, then perhaps your product size can help you to determine roughly what shape or size your label has to come in.

What am I trying to use this label to do?

The next question to ask is to really deep dive into your business objectives that you’ve outlined earlier.

For example, if you’re trying to sell more items, how can you sell more items? What sizes are your items? How does the competition currently label their items?

Besides those questions, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will a brighter label colour help me stand out?
  2. What font will it roughly look like? What size would fit that font?

Being able to drill down into your business objectives, and understanding intricately how labels add up to the whole picture can help you to save precious time when shopping for the right labels later on.

What am I matching these labels with?

This should be a pretty straightforward question to answer. If you’re already using price guns in your business, simply take a look at the brand of price gun that you are using, and that should filter down your options when label shopping later on pretty easily.

Is it a price gun? Or is it a PLU gun?

While a relatively simple decision to make, it’s crucial - because as we’ll see later in this article, understanding your price gun alone can shortcut your shopping and decision time by more than half easily.

Label Specifications

On a more technical note, you’d have to be mindful of the different specifications that price guns come with. Some models can load certain widths, while some models can only load more than one type of label width.

Be sure to check with either our product specialist team for more information, or ask the manufacturer about your price gun to get a detailed specification.

And with that, you are ready to shop! The following section of this guide talks about the different types of labels out there, and helps you to figure out the right one for your needs.

Let’s begin!

What are the different types of labels out there?

Okay, so now that you’ve thoroughly understood your business objectives, it’s time to really drill down and start looking at the different types of labels out there.

Given that there’s an infinite number of choices out there, it can seem pretty challenging to try and make sense of it all.

But for the sake of all your business owners reading this post, let’s try and condense it down to the most common label types out there, so that it’s easier to understand.

Price Gun Labels

Price gun labels are one of the most important supplies a price gun needs to operate. Think of it as the paper for your printer - except this time, it’s on a price gun.

Price gun labels come in different shapes and sizes, and they are generally categorized according to the different brands of price guns out there in the market today.

Note: Some of these labels can be used across different price guns too; we’ve listed the different compatible guns for each labels below:

Contact Price Gun Labels

First up, we have Contact Price Gun labels.

This type of label is specifically for Contact Price Guns, but can also be crossed used in a few other Price marking guns like Garvey.

There are many different types of labels under this category (as you’ll find to be a recurring theme), but depending on the little exercise that we did above, you can quite easily find the right one for your business needs.

On a technical side, here’s a more detailed breakdown of the different types of Contact Price Gun Labels that we carry at American Price Mark Supplies:

Price Gun Label Name


Contact 6.22, 7.22, 8.22 Price Gun Labels GA2212 (30M)

White, Fluorescent Red

Contact 5.25,6.25, 88.25, 99.25 Price Gun Labels GA2516 (21M)

White, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green, White (NO Security Slits)

Contact 5.22, 66.22, 77.22, 88.22 Price Gun Labels GA2216 (25M)

White, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow

Contact 5.18, 6.18, 7.18 Price Gun Labels GA1812 (36M)

White, Fluorescent Red

Contact 8.25, 9.25, 10.25 Price Gun Labels GA2512 (25.2M)

White, Fluorescent Red

Contact 6.37, 1212.37, 1414.37 Price Gun Labels GA3719 (8M)

White, Fluorescent Red

Click on the button below to shop for labels for your Contact Price Gun now, or speak to one of our product specialists that will get back to you at a moment’s notice!

Shop Contact Price Gun Labels Now

Garvey Price Gun Labels

Garvey, another leading price gun manufacturer comes next under price gun labels. These labels can sometimes also be used in Contact Price guns. You’d have to check our product descriptions against your price gun model to double confirm. Piece of cake!

Technical details:

Price Gun Label Name


Garvey Price Gun Labels for 25-5, 25-6, 25-88, 25-99, 25-1010 GX2516 (8m)

White, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green, White (NO Security Slits)

Garvey Price Gun Labels for 22-5, 22-66, 22-77, 22-88 GX2216 (9M)

White, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Pink

Garvey 18-5, 18-6, 18-7 Price Gun Labels GX1812 (14m)

White, Fluorescent Red

Garvey 37-6, 37-7, 37-1212, 37-1414 Price Gun Labels

White, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green

Garvey 25-8, 25-9, 25-10 Price Gun Labels

White, Fluorescent Red

Garvey Price Gun Labels 22-6, 22-7, 22-8 GX2212 (11.025m)

White, Fluorescent Red

Shop Garvey Price Gun Labels Now

Monarch Price Gun Labels

Monarch is yet another leading manufacturer of price guns, and, you guessed it - they have different types of labels that their price guns can load.

Check the list of technical details down below to find the right label for your Monarch gun now!

Technical details:

Price Gun Label Name


A0024 Monarch 1136, 1138 Labels MN2017 (14m)

White, Fluorescent Red, Yellow

A0022 Monarch 1131 Labels MN2011 (20m)

White, Fluorescent Red

A0001 Monarch 1110 & Motex 2200 Labels MN1019 (17m)

White, Fluorescent Red

A0003 Monarch 1142, 1160, 1165, 1166 Labels MN2615 (12.5m)

White, Fluorescent Red

A0023 Monarch 1135 Labels MN1617 (17m)

White, Fluorescent Red, Yellow, Fluorescent Green

A0002 Monarch 1115 Labels MN1519 (15m)

White, Fluorescent Red

A0021 Monarch 1130 Labels MN1611 (25m)

White, Fluorescent Red

A0006 Monarch 1151, 1152, 1153, 1175, 1176, 1177 Labels MN2531 (6m)

White, Fluorescent Red, White (Synthetic)

Monarch 1158 Piggyback Labels

White, Yellow

A0005 Monarch 1173 Labels MN2519 (10m)

White, Fluorescent Red

A0004 Monarch 1155, 1156, 1170 Labels MN1931 (8m)

White, Fluorescent Red

Shop Monarch Price Gun Labels Now

PLU Labels

PLU Labels are typically used on fruits like apples and oranges, though sometimes they are used on vegetables as well.

As we’ve previously discussed, if you have a PLU applicator, and not a price gun, and you’re tagging fruits and vegetables, this is generally where you’d want to shop.

Note: the number that you see at the back, for example, APN-30, 30 refers to the width of the PLU label, representing 30mm.

Technical details:

Price Gun Label Name

Towa Accu Touch PLU Label Applicators APN Series

Towa PLU Label Applicator APF Series

USA Honeycrisp Apple PLU labels 3283

Sweetango Apple PLU labels 3603

McIntosh Apple PLU labels 4019

Honeycrisp Apple PLU labels 3283

Haralson Apple PLU labels 4058

Cortland Apple PLU labels 4106

Shop PLU Label Applicators Labels Now

What happens if I still can’t find my right price gun labels?

If you still can’t find the right labels for your business needs, fret not! American Price Mark Supplies stand ready to help you navigate the complex world of label printing.

Click here to contact us, and we’ll get back to you with a custom tailored solution for your labelling needs.


It’s easy to forget the impact that labels has on our business. More often than not, however, we find that businesses that use labels are better organized, sell better, and convey information that much more effectively!

Do you agree that labels are indispensable, like we do?

Leave your comment down below what you think of labels, and how you use labels in your everyday work!

For more information about choosing the right label for your needs, take a look at our store right now!

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